During this time of COVID-19 we are short-staffed and are therefore running 4 weeks in production. If you need your order sooner, we will endeavor to meet that need. Please call us and let us know how we can best serve you. Your patience during this time is greatly appreciated

Due to dramatic cost increases of white pine and other raw materials over the last year, we at Stoney Knoll have been forced to increase our sifting screen prices. Please know that we are always committed to providing the highest quality products at the lowest price possible. Thank you for your understanding and thank you for your continued patronage over the last 22 years!

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I am interested in your Artifact Drying System and drying frames.  Can you explain the difference?

Our Artifact Drying System is composed of a rolling base (so that it can be wheeled across the lab if desired,) and as many stacking standard units (that stack onto the base with interlocking wood biscuits,) as desired. (The most common order is for one base and seven standard units to stack on top of the base.)

When you purchase our drying system, you are, in essence, purchasing a piece of “furniture.” The stackable units (including the base) all interlock to form a “cabinet or chest” of drawers (which can be permanently fused together by applying wood glue to the interlocking wood biscuits if you do not want to ever disassemble it.) Each drawer that can be pulled out from each unit (base or standard stacking unit)is our large artifact drying frame. So - in a furniture analogy - if you purchase just our artifact drying frames you are basically purchasing just the drawers from a “chest of drawers.”

An optional, solid birch veneer laminate top completes the drying system’s “chest” of drawers. The top serves as a wonderful writing and working surface and helps keep dust particles off the washed artifacts.

Each piece of our drying systems is priced separately so you can tailor the system to meet your needs.

Can your rocking sifters be used by a single operator?   I understand that they are really designed for two people, one shoveling in the dirt, and one rocking the sifter, but I often work alone.

Yes. There are a couple of options for single-person operation:
  • Leave the screen folded up on the ground and put two to three shovels full in. Place your foot at the base of one of the legs and pull to a stand with our lateral dowel (this usage is actually the reason for the dowel feature.) Note: We sometimes have folks ask us why we don’t put leg braces at, or near, the bottom of the legs to aide in this “pull to stand” process. It is our experience that the sifted dirt builds up under lowered leg braces and makes further sifting extremely difficult.

  • We offer a third leg that holds the screen, extended, in a manner similar to that of a digging partner (and third legs won’t bore you talking about their girlfriend, boyfriend, dog, ex-girlfriend, etc.) Our third leg is a good option if you will be working on rather flat terrain. Be sure to load the screen towards the handle-end for greater stability.

Do you sell just the wire mesh?

Typically, we sell only wire mesh replacements cut to fit our screens. The reason for this is simple: in large quantities, we cannot guarantee tolerance.

When we go through a roll of wire mesh, and select the best sections of the roll, (and then cut them to fit our screens,) we can guarantee tolerance. Woven wire mesh is imported in large, palletized rolls (typically 4’ wide by 100’ long.) The quality of a roll can vary widely and there is always waste. We believe is it far more advantageous for you, our customer, to have us incur the waste and not you, so we therefore prefer to sell select, pre-cut wire mesh replacements.

However, to better serve the needs of our customers, we will sell wire mesh, by the square foot, in small quantities. (Our family business is not set up to sell in large bulk quantities – we are not wire mesh distributors.) Please keep in mind that if you request a custom size of wire mesh, that we will do our best to select a good section, but we do not guarantee tolerance on any section of wire mesh that is not cut to fit our screens.

The price of woven steel mesh, like the price of oil, is in constant flux. Please Contact Us directly for pricing on wire mesh replacements.


I purchased a wire mesh replacement from you, after a member of my field crew put his foot through the screen.  What is the best way to take out the old mesh and put in the new?

Our advice about replacing the wire mesh is this:
  • Be careful unscrewing the batten strips. You will want to make sure that each batten strip matches up with the exact same holes when you are re-assembling, so we suggest that you number/letter each batten strip and its corresponding placement so that you will know exactly where to put them after you have the new mesh in.

  • When removing the worn wire mesh, an awl and pliers work extremely well.

  • When replacing the wire mesh, we suggest using 3/8” staples.


We are currently running two to three weeks in screen production and the cutting wire mesh replacements.

If you need your sifters sooner or have a deadline, we will do everything we can to expedite your order. Please let us know!

Stoney Knoll products are intended for legitimate use by properly qualified members of the archaeological, scientific and law enforcement communities. We will not sell our products to anyone who traffics in antiquities, or who violates local, federal or international laws protecting archaeological resources, and we pledge our full cooperation to agencies investigating and prosecuting any such violations.
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It is our company policy to ship solely via UPS Ground, which services only the United States, Puerto Rico and most of Canada. If you are interested in international orders please contact us directly.

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